Melvin Rubiano

Melvin Rubiano

Community Manager, eLearning Edge, Inc.

Melvin’s 5-year experience has equipped him with a strong background in training, community engagement, and a history of working with various industries.

He started his career in ABS-CBN as part of the pioneer team that built the company’s corporate university. Upon joining eLearning Edge, he first worked as part of the Product Development team as an Instructional Designer which honed his knowledge in digital marketing. He later on became part of the company’s Community Team as a Student Engagement Partner.

As the current Community Manager, he oversees the execution of the students’ journey once enrolled to one of the company’s premium courses. He focuses on managing their Moodle system and facilitating classes, further enhancing their learning experience.

He is knowledgeable in the different aspects of digital marketing and is skilled in human resources, customer service, and coaching.